Girl evades a kidnapping by using an incredible trick

Thanks to a safety measure that had been put in place by her parents just a few months before, an 11-year-old girl from the United States successfully managed to evade a kidnapping…

This amazing technique saved the child’s life, but could also save countless others. Following her parents' advice, who had devised a rather clever way to help prevent their children from getting kidnapped, this little girl managed to spook the man who was trying to kidnap her and get away safe and sound.

A family code word

On Wednesday 7th November 2018, an 11-year-old girl was walking near a park in her neighbourhood when a man pulled up alongside her in a van and called out to her.

At a press conference, the mother explained:

He told her that her brother had been in a serious accident and that she needed to come with him.

Remembering the golden rule that her mother had put in place just a few months earlier, the little girl reacted correctly. She asked the man in question what the ‘family code word’ was, which would have proven that the man had been sent by her parents.

Taken aback, the kidnapper immediately fled and the girl went home to tell her mother, Brenda James, what had happened. She told the media:

I never thought it would be used, but I’m proud of her for remembering that and knowing to use that.

The risks of being kidnapped are on the rise

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb (Arizona) said:

Kudos to the parents of this child for having a code word and talking to their children about stranger danger.

He concluded:

We hope by putting this out, it will encourage parents to have that conversation and create a plan with their children, so they know what to do if they are in that situation.

It turns out that the risks of being kidnapped have been rising over the past few years.

In order to protect your children from the dangers of the outside world, consider using this simple, effective trick within your own family!

Check out the video above for more details.

Kidnapped 11 years ago, this girl was found over 500 km from her home Kidnapped 11 years ago, this girl was found over 500 km from her home