80-year-old grandmother dyed her hair for the first time and her reaction says it all

In a heartwarming reaction clip, grandmother Alayde Menna Barreto sees her hair in a vibrant turquoise for the first time after being forbidden to dye her hair her whole life and she has definitely become our new inspiration.

Life is too short not to dye your hair crazy colours every month, right? That's exactly what Alayde Menna Barreto, a beloved mother and grandmother from Santa Catarina in Brazil, thought when she decided to dye her hair for the very first time at the age of 80. Her daughter Julia to turn her mother's locks from white into a lively new shade of blue-green, Alayde is left absolutely ecstatic once she sees the finished result. Which is exactly why her grandson, Bruno decided to film probably the happiest, most uplifting moment you'll see today.

The moment was all the more special to Alayde and her family when we consider the fact that she never truly had the opportunity to change the colour of her hair, per her parents' orders which was later upheld by her husband, Antonio. However, after he sadly passed following a heart attack, Alayde realised how precious time truly is and was inspired to try the things she had always wanted to do. Bruno recounts:

We were all together talking about some plans, and she said that dyeing her hair was something she never had the chance to do.

It's no wonder the clip went viral, racking up 80,000 views within the first week it was shared. After Bruno shared Alayde's heartwarming reaction online, the internet instantly fell in love with Mrs Barreto's contagious joy as she sees her brand hewhair for the first time. In fact, the retired teacher was so happy with the result, she was questioning why dying her hair was a first for her. She beamed:

I love my new hair colour. I don’t know why I waited so long to do it.

Indeed, Alayde sees this experience as a marker for greater things, admitting she'll be more than happy to try a wild colour each time the new month comes around. And her word of advice? Try that one thing you had always wanted to do but remained too scared to go through with, no matter your age. Now, that is a thought we can all take home.

Check out Alayde's heartwarming reaction above!

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