This Blind Man Saw His Wife And Child For The First Time And His Reaction Is Beautiful

That's news we'd like to hear more often. Being able to contemplate the world around us and see the people we love is a privilege for which some would give everything, if only for a few seconds. This is the case with Gene Purdie, victim for 15 years of a disease that allows him to only discern the outline of objects. Thanks to a TV show, he was able, for a moment, to see his wife and child for the first time and his reaction is overwhelming...

Blind man sees
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Blind man sees

It was while watching the Rachel Ray show that his wife Joy fell upon an extract that gave her mad hope: that of returning sight to her husband, even for a moment.

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In the extract in question, a woman suffering from the same type of disease as her husband managed to recover her sight for a moment thanks to special glasses.

Immediately, Joy contacted the channel to ask them to offer the same gift to her husband. To her surprise, the channel accepted and the little family began to prepare to live the best moment of their lives!

Not that Gene's disability had been a problem on a daily basis; he's always done everything to ensure his role as head of the family, just like any other man. He even looks for cooking recipes to delight his family, despite the effort it requires. However, he has no idea what his two most loved people in the world look like!

Check out the video above to see his reaction when he puts on the glasses. It's a heart-warming moment of pure emotion!

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