This Man Got Caught Cheating On His Wife Because Of His Uber App

A Côte d'Azur based entrepreneur sues Uber after a computer bug allowed his wife to discover his infidelities.

Uber App
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Uber App

No luck for this businessman from the French Riviera who was caught cheating on his wife because of the Uber App, an App for private drivers.

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Due to a computer fault, the woman was able to follow her husband's movements in detail and realized that he had been cheating on her for several weeks. The unfaithful husband had used his wife's cell phone to book rides, but the phone kept all the data, giving the location and time of travel by the contractor to his wife.

He's claiming 45 million euros compensation

Even though he's lost his wife, this man, as a good businessman, doesn't intend to stop there. He's claiming 45 million Euros compensation from the company Uber after filing a summons to the Court of First Instance in Grasse.

"Uber doesn't comment publicly on individual cases, including the latter, which involved a divorce procedure of two spouses," said a spokesman for Uber, France Figaro.

This flaw, which cost the businessman his marriage, is a problem that only happens on iOS devices that haven't been updated since December 15th of 2017. So, update your phone if you don't want to be caught red-handed!

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