Dreams: These are the most common dreams people have

Being pregnant and being cheated on are some of the things most people have been dreaming of.

Dreams do come true, but sometimes they are better off remaining just that, dreams. At least, some of the common ones most Brits have been having. But, could these dreams mean more than they let on? To find out, many people turn to the omniscient internet god, Google.

No literal meanings

Researchers at Secret Linen Store used a list of more than 390 common dream subjects to find which are being searched the most worldwide. The top ten most common dreams are involved dogs, other animals, teeth falling out and running into an ex. In the particular case of the UK, the recurring dreams that people searched for the most is being pregnant.

According to sleep experts at Secret Linen Store, dreams about being pregnant are often linked to experiencing something new in your life. They could also be an indication that the person is growing into a mature person. If you find yourself dreaming about dogs, it suggests loyalty and a desire to protect one’s relationships.

Dreams about being pregnant are often linked to experiencing something new in your life. Getty/ d3sign

In the top 10 were dreams involving cheating, which were more common in North and Central America. This dream should not be taken literally, as it could be your body’s way of processing complex emotions about past events. Also, if you are lacking in trust, you may subconsciously project this in your dreams.

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Of exes and falling teeth

Relatedly, dreaming about an ex - common in Mexico and Japan - could be a sign of healing, especially if the breakup is recent. Such dreams may be your subconscious mind’s attempt to help you process your feelings about the breakup and to move on.

At number seven is the dream about teeth falling out, a common dreamy trend in New Zealand and Samoa. This may signify feelings of self-doubt, fear or frustration.

Dr Keith M. T. Hearne, a British psychologist, explains:

Apart from direct warnings from the unconscious of poor dental care, this dream may be interpreted as a warning that time is passing, and important things need to be done in life, or that you are embarrassed over something insensitive you’ve said to someone else.
Here Are The Most Common Dreams And What They Mean! Here Are The Most Common Dreams And What They Mean!