This Is Why You’ve Been Having Skin Problems While Under Confinement

Has your skin been feeling tight for the past few weeks? There's a reason for that! Read on to find out what it is.

A lot has changed since the lockdown period. We have had to limit the amount of time we spend outdoors, work from home when possible and, above all, be very careful when it comes to hygiene. But these are not the only things that have changed. For several days now, many internet users have been complaining of dry skin, and here's why.

More chlorine in the water

Recently, in big cities water has become more and more chlorinated, as a precautionary measure. As observed by a major water distributor in France, water consumption has decreased in big cities since the beginning of the lockdown.

Since the flow of water has been reduced, drinking water is remaining in the pipes for longer periods of time, leading to a slight increase in chlorine content to eliminate any risk of contamination.

Another source confirmed that the increase in chlorine was a preventive measure against the coronavirus. However, one must remember that under no circumstances is it possible to be contaminated by tap water.

The increase of chlorine in tap water is a simple way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, along with effective handwashing with soap, and when washing fruits and vegetables.

Consequences on the skin

Although the addition of extra chlorine reduces viruses and bacteria, there are other consequences as well. Some households have found that the taste of their water has changed, but more importantly, skin can start to feel tight and itchy. This can range from mild irritation to eczema for some. There is no need to worry however, so continue to moisturise your skin with oil or cream. If your symptoms become more severe, don't hesitate to ask for advice from a pharmacist.

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