How To Keep Clear Skin This Winter: Here Is What You Need To Know

Winter is already here and your skin probably already feels the harsh effects: irritation, prone to redness and very, very dry. You need to start a winter skincare routine, hydrating and moisturising your skin even more frequently.

Best Moisturisers For This Winter
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Best Moisturisers For This Winter

It is more difficult to keep the outer layer of your skin hydrated during the winter months as humidity levels drop considerably, and there’s little to no moisture in the air for it to grab onto. So you’ve got to give someextra love to your skin.

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Winter and cold temperatures can damage all types of skin - especially dry skin - and it will suffer if you don't take proper care of it. The key to keeping healthy, break-out free skin this winter is to find the right balance of hydrating and moisturising.

Not only does your skin need to keep its natural moistness and hydration, but you also need to strengthen your barrier and protect it from the outside temperatures. For wintertime, your skincare routine needs small changes: like changing your diet to increase your daily intake of good fats such as a diet rich in walnuts, olive oil, and avocados and water, finding a game-changing moisturiser is essential.

We made a list of the best moisturisers we think could help you go through this winter.

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