This Is The One Bad Habit Prince Louis Has Picked Up From His Uncle Prince Harry

The royal family's little troublemaker, Prince Louis, appears to have much in common with his uncle, Prince Harry. However, what Kate Middleton and Prince William fear isn't the little boy's prankster tendencies, but rather one specific bad habit he has inherited from his uncle.

The cute and cheerful last-born of the Cambridges is an adorable one-year-old boy. But, despite his little angel face, Prince Louis is always up to mischief, keeping Prince William and Kate Middleton on their toes at all times.

Problems for the future

According to our colleagues at Gala, Prince Louis has inherited a very bad habit - sucking his thumb. During the "Trooping of the colour" parade, his mother tried, in vain, to prevent her son from sucking his thumb. The thing is, Prince Louis is a rebel!

A month later, during the polo match between Princes William and Harry, once again, the boy could not help but put his thumb in his mouth. Whilst it may seem cute, this habit could have nasty consequences such as crooked teeth or needing braces. Nothing irreversible, but this habit could make his teenage years a little more complicated.

Prince Harry's legacy

It appears that Prince Louis isn't the only member of the royal family to have sucked his thumb. As seen in old photos with Princess Diana, the young and cheeky prince Harry was already sucking his thumb. A bad habit that his mother tried to prevent by all means possible.

All we can do is hope that Kate Middleton manages to convince Prince Louis to drop this habit. In the meantime, you can see these cute photos of the little boy sucking his thumb in the video above!

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