Royal baby: Princess Beatrice's daughter will be 'rebellious', astrologer reveals

A new baby has just joined the royal family and here’s what astrologer Francesca Oddie had to say about her potential personality traits.

Princess Beatrice gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, with husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi on Saturday, 18 September. The family has revealed very little about the new royal, apart from the fact that she was born healthy. They still have not released a photo or disclosed her name, although that news is expected to break in the coming days.

Despite the lack of information, we can always count on astrologers to give us some much anticipated details about the child—particularly about how her personality will develop and how it will affect her relationship with other royal family members.

Luckily for royal fans, Francesca Oddie has studied the newborn’s chart to the T and spoke to Daily Mail about her possible traits and characteristics.

Virgo baby

According to the astrologer, the baby is a Virgo and Virgos are known for being hardworking, organised, reliable, and stubborn. Given that Prince Harry is also a Virgo, you may see some similarities between the two royal members. The astrologer says:

This new baby is a Virgo, organised, meticulous and excellent and ordering their world.
Add in some fire from Mars and we have an individual who is highly motivated to get their own way by using their charms.

Who will she connect with the most?

She mentioned that since Prince Andrew, her grandfather, is a Pisces, they might have a good bond. Similarly, of all her cousins, she is most likely to get along with Prince George. She continued:

With a chart this soft, she will probably connect very well with Prince George as he is a soft hearted Cancerian with Venus in Virgo. Venus is the sign of love, she depicts what we value, so there would be a natural understanding between these relatives.

As for her relationship with the cousin closest to her age, Lilibet Diana, Oddie says both of them have a rebellious spirit that will help them understand each other better. She explained:

Princess Lillibet would probably boss this new baby around a little bit, but the two girls will understand each other as they share the same rebellious independent Saturn in Aquarius.
Princess Beatrice welcomes a baby girl into the royal family Princess Beatrice welcomes a baby girl into the royal family