Queen Elizabeth just adopted two new corgis to keep her company

In these complicated times, what with all of the recent family troubles, Queen Elizabeth II still welcomed two new family members to keep her company.

Queen Elizabeth II is currently going through a difficult period. Between the departure of her grandson Harry from the royal family and a shocking interview that could well shake the monarchy, then the recent hospitalization of her husband, Prince Philip, His Majesty had much to worry about...

Queen Elizabeth away from her husband

Prince Philip has indeed been hospitalized for several weeks following a malaise and he also had to undergo surgery last Wednesday for a small heart problem. The operation appears to have gone well, but the Duke of Edinburgh is still under surveillance in hospital.

The queen, on the other hand, was still not able to visit him because, due to the coronavirus epidemic, she must remain confined to Windsor Castle. Only his son, Prince Charles as well as William, were able to pay a short visit to his sick father.

So, surely to alleviate the loneliness and bring him some company, the 94-year-old sovereign decided to adopt two new companions to enlarge a royal family somewhat disunited in recent times...

The queen of England fan of corgis

It's no secret that the Queen is passionate about dogs and she has had many throughout her reign. But one breed in particular holds a prominent place in her heart, it is the corgis: 'Corgis are passionately loyal and loving, and they have never disappointed her,' we learn from a close source.

Two small corgis were therefore given to William and Harry's grandmother to keep her company and bring her some comfort: 'The two dogs bring a lot of energy to the castle while Philip is in the hospital.'

They've only been here a few weeks, but they are said to be adorable and have made the castle their home.

We do not yet know the name of these adorable little animals, but we already know that the queen immediately appreciated them: 'The queen is delighted,' said the same source.

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