Meghan Markle allegedly refused help from Queen Elizabeth as she entered the Royal Family

According to a royal author, she may have gotten off to a bad start with Queen Elizabeth after the late monarch offered the newcomer some help.

Queen Elizabeth was stunned by Meghan Markle’s reply to advice as she entered the Royal Family
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Queen Elizabeth was stunned by Meghan Markle’s reply to advice as she entered the Royal Family

Meghan Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry was officially announced in November 2016, after meeting in July of the same year. In November 2017, the couple announced their engagement and got married in May 2018.

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However, just two years after their wedding day, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to step down as working Royals and move to the US, with their son Archie. The couple then gave a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, where they claimed the Royal Family had not offered any help and Meghan felt suicidal.

However, according to a royal author, Meghan refused help offered by the late Queen Elizabeth early on.

The late Queen Elizabeth allegedly offered help to Meghan Markle

Royal author, Robert Jobson explained that the late Queen and Meghan Markle had had a one-to-one chat early on in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s relationship, where she reportedly said she was ‘so pleased Harry had at last found love’.

He then explains that the late Queen had suggested that her daughter-in-law, Sophie Wessex, now Duchess of Edinburgh, support her. Jobson wrote in his book, as reported by Express:

The Queen (who, of course, had seen it all before) understood that Harry's girl might find adjusting to Royal life 'challenging to begin with' (as she put it).

The Queen had allegedly explained that ‘Sophie can help show you the ropes’, however, according to Jobson, Meghan refused the help and simply said: ‘I’ve got Harry’.

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Despite the alleged rough start with Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, with Meghan, Markle, Sophie has no ill will against Prince Harry and Meghan.

Sophie and Meghan have often been compared to one another as they both had to go through huge changes as they became members of the Royal Family. The Duchess of Edinburgh spoke with The Times and compared her experience with Meghan’s. She revealed, as reported by Mirror:

Remember I’d had five years to adjust [to royal life]. And for our six-month engagement, I was even staying at Buckingham Palace. Not that you necessarily know how it will pan out

When Prince Harry and Meghan decided to leave the Royal Family in 2020, Sophie simply said:

I just hope they will be happy.

Adding that the family always ‘try to help any new members of the family’.

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