Prince Williams gives vague news of Pince Philip's health

Prince William just went to Norfolk to pay tribute to nursing staff. He also gave news of Prince Philip's health. Something he was very evasive about.

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How has Prince Philip been since his hospitalization? That question is on the lips of every British journalist. On Monday, February 22, one of them took the opportunity to witness William's trip to a vaccination centre in Norfolk, and to ask the Duke of Cambridge in person.

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A shifty press release

While paying tribute to the efforts and dedication of nursing staff in the deployment of the vaccine against COVID-19, Kate Middleton's husband also took the time to exchange with the media present there. Among them was famous photographer Arthur Edwards, who heard about the Duke of Edinburgh through his grandson. Daily Mail royal columnist Rebecca English reported on Twitter:

Prince William was interviewed this morning about his grandfather during a visit to a vaccination centre. He said, 'Yes, he's fine,he's being watched.' Then he winked.

Like many Internet users, the journalist did not know how to interpret this statementby Prince William. She added in a second message posted on Twitter:

I do not know how to interpret this but kudos to Arthur Edwards for asking him!

By giving such a short and at the same time such an evasive answer, did the Duke of Cambridge try to avoid the subject? Did he want to protect Prince Philip or not to worry the British unduly about the Duke of Edinburgh's health, which has been weak for several years now? Who knows...

His hospital stay was extended

The husband of Queen Elizabeth II was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in London on February 16, 'on the advice of His Royal Highness' doctor' an official statement said. While Buckingham Palace wanted to be reassuring, by claiming that his hospitalization was a 'preventive measure' following 'a malaise,' the latest news are showing a less optimistic reality.

On February 19, it was announced that Prince Philip, who was recently vaccinated against Covid-19, would have to stay longer in hospital, for 'observation' but also to 'rest.'

Prince Charles visited this Saturday, February 20, and stayed for about thirty minutes in the hospital grounds and was very moved. Since then, Prince Philip's health is of increasing concern to the British. As for the Duke of Cambridge's recent declaration, not sure that it was enough to reassure the people...

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