'Queen Elizabeth has passed away': US media declares the monarch dead

Days after the Queen has tested positive for COVID, a US media declared the monarch dead on social media after receiving 'exclusive' information from the Palace.

On 20 February, Elizabeth II contracted Covid-19 and had to cancel all her engagements in England. Her frail health is of great concern, especially because she is due to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee in June. On Tuesday evening, an American gossip media announced her death.

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Queen has tested positive for COVID-19

Elizabeth II announced dead

This June, we will celebrate 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. The British monarch now holds the record for the longest reign, after dethroning Victoria, her great-great-grandmother, who remained on the throne for 63 years.

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Nevertheless, for the past few months, the Queen's health has been worrisome. The 95-year-old monarch now uses a cane to get around and admits that she finds it very difficult to stand up. 'As you can see, I can't move,' she told Admiral James Macleod. On 20 February, the palace announced that Elizabeth II had contracted Covid-19 and was experiencing 'mild symptoms.'

Placed in isolation and closely monitored, the Queen was forced to cancel all her engagements. Nevertheless, the palace's secrecy about her health has the British in a tizzy. Especially since Tuesday evening, an American media announced her death on social networks.

A rumour that caused panic

On Tuesday 22 February, Hollywood Unlocked, an American gossip media, made a shock announcement.

The news of the British monarch's death quickly shocked some internet users. 'Why did I think she would live forever...,' wrote one fan on Instagram. 'When I heard she had Covid-19 I knew what was coming next,' said one fan ruefully.

While no British media has confirmed the death of Elizabeth II, many people were nevertheless suspicious of the announcement.

In fact, faced with the wave of panic, royal experts were quick to put an end to the morbid rumour. 'The rumour (trending on Twitter) that was started on Instagram is false,' reacted royal correspondent Omid Scobie on Twitter. When Elizabeth II passes away, the palace will follow protocol and be the first to announce her death.

Another member of the royal family has passed away Another member of the royal family has passed away