Another member of the royal family has passed away

A puppy that was given to the queen to keep her company while Prince Philip was ill has now died.

Grieving Queen
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Grieving Queen

The Queen is mourning yet another loss, and this time it’s the death of her furry companion. When Prince Philip was admitted in the hospital in February, her son Prince Andrew gifted her two adorable puppies, Fergus and Muick.

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Her furry companions

Fergus was a dorgi, a cross between the dachshund and Welsh corgi breed, and he was named after the Queen’s maternal uncle Fergus Bowes-Lyon. While Muick was a corgi, who was named after Loch Muick lake in Scotland.

Before she got these pups, it was reported that the Queen would not be adding any dogs to her entourage, but that decision was quickly reversed when Prince Philip fell ill. Royal expert, Joe Little said:

The thinking was enough was enough, and that she was getting too old for new dogs and who would look after them when she was gone.
But clearly that decision was reversed and, as it turned out, it probably is very fortuitous. I think it’s useful to have these puppies in her life now as a way of a distraction.

Losing a pup

Her two new puppies have been giving her company ever since the death of her husband but over the weekend five-month old Fergus passed away. A source told The Sun that the Queen is completely heart broken. They said:

The puppies were brought in to cheer her up during a very difficult period. Everyone concerned is upset as this comes so soon after she lost her husband.

The Queen has taken care of over 30 dogs since she was 18 years old. Even though she's seen many dogs come and go, the past year and half have been particularly rough on the canine-lover. Last year, she lost Vulcan—a corgi that was by her side for 13 years.

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