Queen Consort: The Queen didn't consult Johnson when deciding Camilla's role

The Queen reportedly didn’t consult the Parliament when taking a decision about Camilla’s role when Prince Charles becomes King.

It has been discovered that the Queen did not consult Boris Johnson when it came to making Camilla Queen Consort. When the Queen makes decisions, it is always expected she consults the current Prime Minister before announcing anything to the public.

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The announcement

During the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the Queen announced that Camilla would become Queen Consort. Boris Johnson later said that he had no part in this decision and that he was only ‘made aware’ of the Queen’s plans.

Usually, when the Queen has to make decisions, she must consult with the Prime Minister to ensure his approval. However, Palace officials insisted that the Queen would only have to consult Boris Johnson if she were to change the law and not allow the Duchess of Cornwall to become Queen.

The Queen’s decision to make Camilla Queen Consort has cleared up a lot of uncertainty as to whether she would be accepted once Prince Charles succeeds the Queen. The Queen’s celebrations also made it clear that she would not abdicate as many thought she might after 70 years on the throne.

The Queen said during her speech that 'my life will always be devoted to your service' and that she would honour that ‘with all my heart.’

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The public is torn

Despite the Queen’s assurance that Camilla would make an excellent Queen Consort, the public is divided. The younger generation of 18-44-year-olds believes that Camilla would not make a good Queen, but also that Prince Charles would not be an asset for the Kingdom during their reign.

Moreover, many think that the crown should skip a generation and be passed straight to Prince William when the Queen dies, as they believe the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be a better King and Queen.

Queen Consort: Why was Camilla named Queen Consort and not Queen? Queen Consort: Why was Camilla named Queen Consort and not Queen?