Prince William celebrates his 40th birthday with this honour

Prince William turns 40-years-old on June 21. To celebrate, his portrait will appear on a £5 coin.

The Royal Mint has announced that it is celebratingPrince William’s 40th birthday by engraving his portrait on a £5 coin. The UK’s official coin producer has revealed the coin in the lead up to the Duke’s milestone birthday on June 21.

A commemorative coin

It is the first time the Prince will feature alone on an official coin. He previously appeared on a £5 coin with his wife Kate Middleton to celebrate their wedding in 2011.

Commemorative coins such as these are only intended as souvenirs, so are not often seen in circulation. In addition, banks do not have to accept them.

Clare Maclennan, director of commemorative coin at the Royal Mint, said:

The elegant design features a portrait of HRH alongside his royal cypher and the number 40, which pays homage to the maturity and grace of the prince who has become a senior member of the royal family, a devoted husband and a loving father of three, through the eyes of the world.
Marking this extra special occasion, we have also struck a limited edition gold coin made with 5oz of fine gold and struck in high relief to elevate the artistry of the design.

'A young dad'

The coin will feature the Prince's portrait, his royal cypher – his initial W, and the number 40. The edge of the coin will be inscribed with: ‘HRH The Duke of Cambridge.’ While on the other side of the coin will be the Queen's image, designed by Jody Clark.

The coin was created by designer and engraver Thomas T Docherty. Mr. Docherty said:

The design strikes a balance between the fresh energy of His Royal Highness being a young dad with the ceremonial nature of his royal position.
A three-quarter angle of the portrait creates a more dynamic portrait rather than a traditional side-on profile.

Christopher Andersen, royal expert and the author of The Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan has speculated that there might be a joint birthday celebration on the cards. According to Cosmopolitan, he told Us Weekly that:

The Queen has a big thing planned for [William] and he is going to throw something as well. There will be big parties again, if Covid allows anything like that to happen.

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