Lady Di Often Sunbathed Nude in the Garden - And Queen Elizabeth Hated It

Lady Di Often Sunbathed Nude in the Garden - And Queen Elizabeth Hated It
Lady Di Often Sunbathed Nude in the Garden - And Queen Elizabeth Hated It

Proud of her body and her figure, Lady Diana, who liked to feel the sun on her face and her skin, had quite a surprising habit when she used to sunbathe in the garden. Let’s explain.

Even decades after her passing, people still talk about Lady Diana. Although you may have thought that you’d heard everything there is to know about the royal icon over the years, it seems like every week there's a new biography or testimony that's got something new to offer.

This time, it's a book called ‘Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir From Queen Mary To Meghan Markle, that claims to have some gossip about the former princess.

In this book- released in May 2020 - author Tom Quinn reveals new information about Prince William and Prince Harry’s mother. Thanks to a few extracts they managed to obtain, the Daily Mail revealed Diana Spencer’s rather unusual habit.

A surprising habit

When the first rays of sun started to poke their noses out from behind the clouds, Lady Diana used to like to make the most of them in the different gardens of Kensington Palace. According to the Daily Mail:

Apart from the park, she loved her small, private, walled garden as well as a rooftop garden that wasn’t always as private as she liked to think.

Since she was constantly being watched by the paparazzi, she sometimes used to like to sneak in one of her guilty pleasures: nude sunbathing. The author of the book revealed:

Throughout the summers of the late 1980s and early 1990s, she would sunbathe, often completely naked, on her rooftop. Occasionally drowsy from the heat, she would forget where she was and stand up - secure in the knowledge that no one could see her.

And the Queen wasn’t a fan of this little habit. Constantly singled out due to her remarkable media appearances, it seems the Queen wasn’t exactly Lady Diana’s biggest fan. Although lots of things were prohibited, such as changing her hairstyle in case she overshadowed Her Majesty, the monarch seemed to like this little nude sunbathing habit even less.

Although the princess, who fully accepted and flaunted her femininity, dared to sunbathe completely nude, when she was on holiday with her loved ones, she was more modest. She always wore trendy swimwear and was always at the forefront of fashion. See for yourself.

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