Kate Middleton learned this valuable lesson from Diana

Since joining the British royals in 2011, Kate Middleton has been careful not to make the same mistakes as Lady Diana. The Duchess keeps a low profile

Kate Middleton never had the chance to meet the late Princess of Wales, Diana. Yet the Duchess of Cambridge owes her a great deal. Concerned about preserving the image of the royal family, Prince William's wife has learned a lesson from her mother-in-law's life: never steal the spotlight from her husband.

Kate Middleton Learned This Valuable Lesson From Diana

Lady Di boasted great popularity with the British people, and Prince Charles found it hard to accept this situation, so jealous was he of his wife. So the mother of George, Charlotte, and Louis, who is ‘very cautious,’ does not want to make the same mistakes Diana did. And for good reason, she is wary of ‘causing huge problems’ for the man with whom she shares her life, explained journalist Penny Junor to the Sunday Times on April 3rd.

So Kate Middleton is careful never to attract attention to herself. But according to the royal expert, this discretion is not a big challenge for her. Since joining the royal family in 2011, ‘fame’ never changed her. In her eyes, the future Queen Consort of England simply appears ‘confident’ and ‘competent,’ without ever giving the impression that she is merely ‘posing for the cameras.’ This is in contrast to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, whom Penny Junor considers ‘self-centred.’ An example? Their shock interview with Oprah Winfrey on March 7th. ‘It was all about them, and they've always operated that way,’ she said. And this in spite of their declarations of wishing for privacy.

At opposite ends of the spectrum?

Kate Middleton and Lady Diana, once compared, however, don’t have much in common. While the Duchess of Cambridge has always taken care to ‘support Prince William’ in front of the whole world, her mother-in-law, unhappy in her marriage to Prince Charles, did not do the same. In fact, the opposite is true! The Princess of Wales famously dragged the future heir to the Crown through the mud during her exclusive interview with the BBC on November 20th,1995. ‘Charles is not king material,’ she said. She added: ‘I think the number one position would limit him too much. I don't know if he would be able to adapt.’

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