10 Great Ways To Redecorate Your Room On A Budget

• Emma Jensen
You can easily transform an ordinary corkboard into a colourful calendar!
Some simple wooden sticks and some spray paint are all you need to make this cool mirror!
Use clips to hang all your favourite memories on the wall.
Make your own candles by melting crayons.
Use some cheap old cutlery to make hooks to hang your things on.

Redecorating doesn't always have to cost the earth. Sometimes all you need is a little time and creativity. Take a look at our photo gallery for some inspiration. 

The Details

It's all about upcycling - knowing how to update old objects that would otherwise have ended up in the bin or customising things that are a bit too plain for your liking. Often, all you need is a lick of paint to get stylish vases, unique candles or original mirrors. Anyone can do it, but if you haven't got loads of time to spend on a creative project, there are some that can be done in a matter of minutes. Trendy and economical, these tips will have your bedroom looking tip top in no time! 

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