What Do Couples Usually Do After Sex?

A recent study shared details of couples' post-sex habits. From the looks of it, we all lack originality because most of us do pretty much the same things.

After a good fifteen minutes of playing house, are you more the type to fall asleep or, on the contrary, does it motivate you to do more? According to a recent study by Pure Romance, there are two types of people.

This company, which makessex toys and other objects used for pleasure, surveyed more than 2,000 people. The most frequently asked question was: what do you do after sex?

Do you sleep or chat?

And the majority of respondents (64%) said they prefer to sleep after sex. Others still take the time to cuddle and extend the connection (44%) and 32% take advantage of this intimacy to talk about everything and anything.

Of course, these are not the only things people do after being intimate. Some hop in the shower to get rid of all the sweat, while others get hungry and have a snack (10%).

The most common time couples havesex is early in the morning... at 9 am on Sunday!

Fear of COVID-19 boosted couples’ sex lives, study shows Fear of COVID-19 boosted couples’ sex lives, study shows