This is what your taste in men says about you

You can tell a lot about someone by looking at their clothes, the music they listen to, or even the friends they hang out with. And when it's come to their taste in men, it's just as true. The heart wants what it wants, and its choice says heaps about your personality.

Do you find yourself always dating the same type of men? Do you like a tall, fit man or a little extra to love doesn't bother you? Long hair? Short hair? Are you only attracted to men who don't love back?

Well, there's a reason behind your preference, and here's what your type of man says about you!

You like men who aren't on social media

You have TikTok, you spend a lot of time judging people on Instagram, and raising your eyebrows or rolling your eyes at stupid tweets. You need the yin to your yang: a man who's social media free. You'll never be worried about him doing something embarrassing on the Internet.

You always want to be the best version of yourself and you feel like you already spend too much time on social media. You are concerned about the environment and a social media free (probably vegan, let's be honest) boyfriend will help you be more conscious and aware.

The boy toy

Handsome, ripped, but a little simple... Don't expect to have a deep conversation with him, but he makes you look good in pictures. He will make you feel like a queen, make you feel smart and admire you.

You want to let everyone know you only have the best things, the new iPhone, and a gorgeous man in your arms. Everything you do is for the Gram.

The control freak

He always has something to say about you, your hair, your clothes, your friends... He always buys you things that will make you look good (according to him) and he always picks up the cheque while out for dinner. He wants to know where you are and who you're with. Nothing is good enough for him.

You want someone like him because you want to be loved, and you are ready to let someone change you to make sure that he will always like you. You need to find the self-confidence to love yourself first. You are good enough!

The emotionally overwhelming boyfriend

The good thing about him is that he is passionate. He's a sensitive artist, you admire him. Your relationship is based on tenderness and passion.

You're with him because you want the happily ever after, you want to have the movie love story. You live intensely and your relationship should be intense as well. The problem is the highs are very high and the lows are very low too. Worth it?

Older boyfriend

You like how mature he is and how he's got his life together. He's very protective of you and makes you feel safe. And sexually, he knows what he's doing.

You're looking for stability. You want to find true love and build a family. You feel like it's the right time for you to have a house, adopt a dog and have some babies! Unfortunately, men your age are not ready to commit.

Any type will work

This doesn't mean you are desperate. You don't know what you want, but certainly, know what you don't want. You are more attracted to a person's inner beauty - you want to know someone before you decide if you like him or not. You probably like everyone until they do something wrong.

You're easy-going, you take things as they come and make the best out of every situation.

What does your music taste say about your personality? What does your music taste say about your personality?