This is what your favourite genre to watch says about your sex life

Did it ever occur to you that your favourite genre of TV shows or films says a lot about your sex life? Let’s find out where you fall under this category.

According to a TalkTalk poll, half of us will sit through a show we don't like if our partner wants to watch it. And the shows you watch together as a pair might reveal a lot about your sex life and overall relationship. Emma Kenny, a psychologist spoke to The Sun and disclosed what your preferred genre says about your sex life.

Reality television

When it comes to sex, passion is your thing, and you know how to get it. You are a risk-taker, impulsive, and spontaneous person who is frequently refining your relationship to ensure that you both get the best out of each other and that the sex is always romantic. You're both drawn to the drama that real life may bring.

Game shows

You adore pretending to be someone else and your relationships to be light-hearted and problem-free. According to the Journal of Psychological Rehabilitation and Mental Health, people's mental health improves when they watch game shows.

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It could indicate that you are continually on the lookout for a new relationship. You like to be in relationships, but you're not a romantic. You shun PDA and prefer to express your love for a mate between the sheets. You are forthright about your desires in bed, enjoy dominating – and being dominated – and are willing to experiment with props like shackles and blindfolds to make sex exciting.

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In the bedroom, you're a bit of a risk-taker. You're enthralled by the seemingly endless possibilities in your existence. You're constantly considering how to make your relationship more intriguing and multidimensional. You're drawn to sex toys because you regard the human body as a vessel with limitless possibilities. Because you're inquisitive, you're rarely bored in the bedroom.

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If you like horror TV shows or movies you are kinky and your love is likely to be long-lasting. You put in a lot of effort to keep your spark alive, you like the rush of adrenaline that intimate connections provide, and you relish the extremes that love may provide.

Studies reveal that when we're terrified, our brains release the feel-good chemical dopamine, which is also released when we're in love with someone.


You enjoy having sex in odd locations. Your relationship is peaceful, even though you enjoy watching high-intensity real crime documentaries. You prefer to try different positions around the house and are less likely to be found having sex in bed.

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