This ‘4 minutes of foreplay’ technique will maximize your pleasure

Think you’ve tried everything to increase your pleasure? Why not try the fun technique of ‘4 minutes of foreplay’?

There are many ways to make your intimate moment a real pleasure. The most classic will maintain their sexual routine by performing the same positions and the most adventurous will not hesitate to launch into one of the hundreds of novelties offered by the Kama Sutra. But the '4 minutes of foreplay' technique could be a good compromise.

‘4 minutes of foreplay’

The ‘4 minutes of foreplay’ technique was put forward by sex therapist Janet Brito in a TikTok video that later went viral. But what does the expert teach us here?

As the name suggests, you should only concentrate on foreplay, which is before the act and should raise the temperature, within a time limit of 4 minutes. You have to set a timer and let yourself go completely. The goal is quite simple, to do as much as possible in less than 240 seconds. Oral sex, masturbation, caresses...


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4 minutes where everything is allowed but...

In a relationship or a short-lived fling, you have four minutes to do whatever you want to the other person and they will have the same amount of time afterwards to please you. You have to create a surprise for the excitement to work. The expert nevertheless reveals that this is a techniquemade for adventurous people. But above all, as with any sexual activity, it is necessary to talk about it with your partner and ensure that he or she agrees.

In addition, as the Huffington Postadvises, don't hesitate to give yourself a safe word, so that you can let your partner know when you want to stop the act. As you can see, the aim here is to raise the temperature and create new things to do in bed rather than a more traditional sexual encounter.

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