These 6 signs are terrible partners in bed

In life and in bed, it's very important to make sure you choose the right partner. A seemingly fantastic spouse won't necessarily be a treat in the sheets. Having sex with one of these 6 zodiac signs is likely to be an unsatisfying experience.


Although Mr or Mrs Gemini might appear to be fine with everything happening in bed and never has any complaints about yoursexual performance, that doesn't necessarily mean they appreciate your efforts. Of a rather passive nature, Gemini natives don't talk much and don't always speak their minds, unless they're forced to. While you're going out of your way to satisfy them, they may, unfortunately, not be very responsive or give you any clues as to what they're thinking.


For Cancer, communication is the key to a good relationship. This sign likes to talk a lot and believes that being communicative in a relationship guarantees its solidity. Although we can agree with them on that, it must, however, be said they also tend to be too chatty during... intercourse.


Let's be real. The sign of Virgo is very hard to satisfy in bed. The very demanding Virgo always wants more, or better, to the point where you'll have to regularly renew your stock of ideas to get them off. You better be inventive if you're with a native of this sign. Otherwise, you'll soon get tired of their diverse and varied requests.


AlthoughSagittarius is a sign of fire, these natives strangely tend to settle down after they've seduced the object of their affection. In bed, they're rather fiery at first sight, but they actually tend to let their partners take care of everything and don't necessarily bother giving back. In other words, Sagittarians are great at making big promises on paper but aren't as good at keeping them in real life.


Infamous for being a cold and arrogant sign, Capricorn can actually be quite the steamy lover in bed. But wait... Because, while they may be fiery with their partners, Capricorns may, however, not be thinking about them during sex. Although they are present and reactive with you physically, in reality, they're most certainly thinking of other people and living their wildest fantasies inside their heads. Not so nice!


Very sensitive in nature, Pisces are delicate beings that need to be handled with care, otherwise, they might burst into tears. This applies in bed, too. If you don't show them a tremendous amount of patience, expect lots of complaints, or even a river of tears.

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