These 3 Things Are Why You Keep Starting A Relationship With The Wrong Person

These 3 Things Are Why You Keep Starting A Relationship With The Wrong Person

Do you repeatedly make the same mistakes when it comes to your love life without understanding why? Despite the warnings and bad experiences, it's not always up to you…

Here are 3 reasons why you are attracted to the wrong people.

1. You are looking for perfection. Over the years you have unconsciously built up your image of the ideal person, which is influenced by your education, your experiences, and your environment... They must be like this and not too much like that, and it is then difficult to detach from these benchmarks that reassure you when it comes to starting something new.

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2. You have the image of your parents in mind. Your vision of a healthy couple and the relationship between men and women is largely influenced by your parents. You may be recreating their relationship without really realising it, while avoiding reproducing what you do not like. You then somehow create an improved version of their relationship that is better adapted to you.

3. You have a hard time loving yourself. Self-esteem plays a vital role. You may be suffering from a deep-rooted problem; sometimes this is due to childhood traumas that occurred. So going forward, therapy is an option. In fact when it comes to a toxic relationship what you love most is feeling useful, and flying to the rescue of a desperate case. But in addition to this taking all your energy, you can even begin to feel depressed and emptied of your positive strengths.

Remember first and foremost you must first learn to love yourself before being able to love others.

Rob Mitchell
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