Forget missionary, 77 Is the new position everybody needs to try

You most certainly know how to spoon, but do you know its enhanced version? It’s called 77; allow us to explain why this is the new position you all should try.

Here's a way to spice up your love life! Make sure to try out the ’77’ position, which we owe to American author Cynthia Gentry who wrote The Bedside Orgasm Book.

An easier orgasm to be achieved

This position is, in fact, an improved version of spooning, which is one of the classics! According to Cynthia Gentry's best-seller, this sexual positionallows a woman to reach orgasm very easily because it stimulates the G spot.

This is also the perfect position for anyone who wants to spice it up in the bedroom but often experiences pain when taking the reigns on top!

How does it work?

Your partner is behind you so that you are looking in the same direction. He then has access to your buttocks and neck, which are very erogenous zones! This is the classic spooning position.

With your partner behind you, that makes you the variant, meaning you can move around and wrap your upper leg around your partner as if to trap him.

Then bend your body at the waist so that your body is at a right angle, which looks like the number 7. You don't need to be an acrobat or an Olympic gymnast to pull off the 77 position, which will guarantee new levels of pleasure.

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