Experts are advising you to masturbate during lockdown

Certain governments, like the Argentinian government, are recommending masturbation and cybersex to encourage people to respect the rules of the lockdown and has launched a series of preventive measures of how to do so as safely as possible.

Experts Are Advising You To Masturbate During Lockdown
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Since March 20, Argentina has been in quarantine, making it one of the first Latin American countries to impose restrictive measures to slow the spread of the virus.

However, lots of citizens live alone and don’t know how they can have a normal sex life without breaking the rules of the lockdown. Therefore, José Barletta, infectious disease specialist and adviser to the Health Minister in Argentina appeared at a press conference to dispel all doubts.

The expert said that the pandemic has disrupted all aspects of our daily lives, including our sex lives. He recommends that people who live alone avoid face to face contact with people who they don’t live with and to make the most of the tools that exist nowadays when it comes to having cybersex, masturbating, or sexting.

The doctor emphasises the importance of washing your hands and how effective it is to help you avoid catching the virus. This habit shouldn’t be neglected and must be considered, both before and after masturbating or having cybersex.

He also warns that you shouldn’t forget to disinfect keyboards, phones, sex toys or any other object that have been used during, even if they haven’t been shared.

Shortly after this press conference, President Alberto Fernández was asked about the advice in a radio interview. He jokingly responded:

If the Minister of Health says so, please follow his advice. Don't make me comment on that.