According to a study, we will no longer be having sex by 2030

According to the results of a survey conducted by David Spiegelhalter, an English researcher, we will barely be having any sex by 2030! Here's why.

It's time to enjoy our lovemaking while there's still time! A study by a Cambridge University professor and statistician has shown that couples aged 16 to 64 are having less and less sex over time.

The reason? The time spent on social media and watching TV series; in other words, theincrease in our screen time!

What does this study show?

For several years now the University of Cambridge has been monitoring the behaviour of several couples to find out how society is changing.

David Spiegelhalter, a professor and statistician who published the book Sex by Numbers, in which he concentrates on recent statistics when it comes to sexual practices, has made a terrifying observation. According to him, couples will no longer be making love by 2030.

Many couples between the ages of 16 and 64 years of age were questioned about how often they have sex every month, and the facts are clear: over the years, couples are having less and less sex. In 1990, the average was 5 sexual encounters per month, in 2000 the figure fell to 4, and then to 3 in 2010!

If we follow this progressive regression, you can see that by 2030 we’ll be in big trouble!

Where does this drop in libido come from?

The reason for this decline is our hyper-connectivity. We are on our smartphones far too much, and are constantly solicited by the outside world. This then leaves us with less and less time to concentrate on our relationships.

Our way of consuming large amounts of information through all possible forms of media, the fact of having our phones in our hands at all times, the number of TV series available on streaming platforms that push us to binge-watch, all mean that we no longer have time to make love.

So, let's rectify the situation and get our priorities straight to counter these unfortunate findings...

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