A new dating app is connecting cat lovers everywhere!

A new dating app will soon be hitting aims to help cat lovers everywhere find their purrfect match!

If 'if my cat doesn't like you then we can't date' sounds like something you'd say then this new dating app could be purrfect for you!

Tabbywill soon be hitting our app stores and will definitely be the latest edition to our dating app folders because let's face it, Tinder is now a wasteland. Created by sisters Leigh and Casey Isaacson, Tabby aims to connect 'both cat lovers and cat owners', as released in a statement:

Cat-lovers will be able to meet each other, plan cat-friendly dates, get deals from cat companies, and share videos, photos, and stories all while their cats are in their element — at home.

The new dating app will be released just in time for International Cat Day on August 8th and there's a very good reason why this app may just be necessary.

The crazy cat-lady has long been a trope made to scare away any potential suitors. Many believe that owning a beloved feline or five instantly is the reason why they keep getting overlooked. A study conducted by Colorado State University also found that women are much less likely to swipe right on men with cats in their profile pictures, isn't that insane! The study concluded:

Women viewed men as less masculine when holding the cat; higher in neuroticism, agreeableness, and openness; and less dateable. These findings suggest that pets continue to play a role in women’s mate choices and dating preferences, but that a closer look at the effects of different species of pets is warranted.

However, with Tabby people who are crazy for cats will easily be able to find each other. Actor and cat lover Nathan Kehn stated in a release:

Cat is a lifestyle. They’re an important, uncompromising part of our lives. Cat people are just as unique as the cats they love, but we understand each other. Finding someone who loves cats the way that you do is vital.

Kehn continued:

People without cats think that cat ladies and cat dudes are loners wrapped up in their bathrobes playing with balls of yarn all day. Really, cat people are the most suitable for real relationships. We understand what it means to earn trust and how to relish affection.

But while Tabby will soon be taking over the dating game for cat lovers, Leigh and Casey have also released a different dating app for dog lovers called Dig.

Dig was created for those who like a 'dog forward lifestyle' and are looking to find a partner to share in their dog strong values. When downloading the app, users can state whether they are adog owner or a dog lover and are asked to answer any questions that may help them to score a match. Then, each day the app will present the person with five potential matches in which the user can indicate if they 'dig', 'really dig', or 'pass' on the profile.

And, if you're lucky enough to find a match, Dig even goes as far as to suggest some great ideas for dog-friendly dates in your area. Basically, all the hard work is done for you! The app's site reads:

If you’re lucky enough to own a pup, you know that things never work out with someone if they’re not as into your dog as you are. Dig is a dating app built to connect dog people based on what’s most important to us.

Clearly pet based dating apps are the wholesome way of the future!

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