Remember the unicorn puppy with a tail on her forehead? This is her now

An abandoned puppy in the United States was born with an extra tail right between his eyes. He was rescued and put in a shelter. Pictures of this puppy have already made their way around the world.

Remember Narwhal, the unicorn puppy that rose to fame on social networks thanks to a unique birth defect that makes him look like... a unicorn. Indeed, the puppy, who appears to be a dachshund mix, was born with a small, extra tail... right on his forehead.

Posted by Mac the pitbull on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A birth defect

Members of Mac's Mission, a Missouri-based shelter specializing in dogs that are injured, abused or require special care, found and nursed little Narwhal back to health. The Cape Small Animal Clinic confirmed that his veterinarian, Dr. Brian Heuring, examined Narwhal and that his extraordinary little tail isn't causing him any harm or complications.

The tail is likely a birth defect. Those usually manifest in dogs as cleft palates or extra toes and causes can range from environmental factors to toxins the puppy's mother may have been exposed to.

How come he can't wag his extra tail?

According to the veterinarian, the dog could have a special role on Earth.

He can go into schools and hospitals and show people it’s OK to be different.

Of course, everyone is asking the same question: how come this little tail doesn't wag? Much to Mac's Mission volunteers' disappointment, 'the extra tail is not connected to anything, and has no real use other than making him the COOLEST PUPPY EVER!”' So, the tail remains motionless on the pup's forehead.

A social media celebrity

Thanks to this particularity, Narwhal grabbed the whole world's attention, simultaneously raising awareness about the other dogs in need of a home. Narwhal found a home very quickly and is now named Rae, which is 'ear' backwards. How adorable! Rae now lives in a happy and fulfilled life with her little human brother! She's all grown up but is still as cute as ever!

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