This man tattooed his kitten's paws leaving netizens furious

In China, the tattoo artist nicknamed 'Quangzi' was widely criticised on the Internet after posting a video of him tattooing his kitten's shaved paw!

When he posted his video on social networks, this tattoo artist didn't think he'd receive such a wave of criticism and indignation.

His defence

According to Quangzi, these Chinese characters just represented a form of harmless artistic expression. He defended himself by stating he used the right dose of anaesthesia, carefully, and following a veterinarian's guidance. He also claims that he used a semi-permanent and non-toxic ink to tattoo his kitten's skin. He told the Mail Online:

The ink contains plant extract and will cause no harm to the animal. The tattoo will fade out as skin changes over time.

The tattoo artist posted to social media the video of his 'art', showing him tattooing his kitten's paw. And unsurprisingly, audiences didn't take it well and many slammed Quangzi for his cruel decision. One person commented:

You can practise on a piece of pork, or even buy synthetic skin on Taobao. Why did you do it on an animal?

Another chimed in:

Did you have the cat’s permission before doing this?

Accusations of animal cruelty

A remorseful Quangzi apologised to netizens before deleting the video, then allegedly drove the catto the veterinary clinic at a shelter to be examined. The cat was taken away from him and he even tried offering the volunteers money to get it back.

Unfortunately for him and good news for the rest of us,the kitten will not be returned to Quangzi, and after a few weeks of care under good supervision, the kitten will be offered for adoption in a new home.

Take a look at the video above for more...

After Tattooing His Cat, This Artist Caused A Huge Scandal After Tattooing His Cat, This Artist Caused A Huge Scandal