These are three diseases that cats can spread to people

Here are three diseases that your cat can give you.

Living with a cat is an absolute pleasure for cat lovers! All those cuddles, rubs and play make cats great companions. However, your little feline friend might come with a few unwelcome surprises... Diseases! Read on to find out what risks you should take into account.


Ringworm is a disease that can be spread by both humans and cats. It is characterized by swollen and red bald spots. Both direct and indirect contact are enough to pass it on. To treat this yeast infection, you'll have to use an antifungal cream for a few weeks.

Cat-scratch disease

Cat scratch disease is caused by fleas. You'll notice swollen lymph nodes or blisters at the site of the scratch. Those contaminated will experience fatigue, headaches or joint pain. This disease can go away on its own, but complications may occur. Consult a physician to make sure everything is in check.


Echinococcosis is less known than other diseases, but it should not be taken lightly. Tapeworms develop in the cat's digestive tract and can be found in their stools. The catcan, therefore, carry the disease without developing it.However, for humans, this infection becomes a problem when the worms develop. As a result, human organs can be damaged by cysts.

So, it's important to listen to your body and make sure your cat has good hygiene.

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