Avoiding these common mistakes can save your cat's life

Many pet owners assume that cats are low-maintenance hence the widespread cat care mistakes that can be dangerous for the fluffy. Avoid doing these things to make your kitty’s life safe and comfortable.

These common cat care mistakes you’re probably making pose a risk to your pet’s life
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These common cat care mistakes you’re probably making pose a risk to your pet’s life

Unlike dogs who completely depend on their humans, cats are seen as independent divas who can take care of themselves. These mysterious animals walk by themselves, can find food, don’t require grooming, and aren’t all over you when they need something. But this thinking is misleading and can lead to unintentional neglect. Kitties are hard work! These are the most common cat care mistakes you might be making.

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Not visiting the vet regularly

All cats need regular checkups. They should be seen by the vet at least yearly to evaluate their coat, ears, teeth, eyes, skin, blood work, and weight. Timely vaccinations are also a good idea regardless of if your cat stays indoors or roams free.

Allowing hidden illnesses to go unnoticed will only increase your pet’s problems — and your expenses.

Overfeeding your cat

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Not all cats have a built-in sense of measure when it comes to food. They’ll eat as much as they are given, which may lead to obesity. One of the most common health problems in cats, it results in a shorter lifespan and worse quality of life.

Not caring for your cat’s teeth

The majority of cats over 3 years of age have evidence of dental disease. Brushing your cat’s teeth is the gold standard for in-home oral health care and most cats will tolerate brushing with a little patience and conditioning.

Removing the claws of an outdoor cat

Photo by Kristina Pejcic on Unsplash

An average life expectancy for outdoor cats’ is less than five years, while the indoor fluffies live closer to 18 or 20 yearsVet Street writes. Cats’ claws are their weapons, and the sharper they are the better. The vets recommend increasing your pet's chance of survival in the outside world by leaving their claws intact.

Assuming that vomiting is always hairballs-related

Frequent vomiting, coughing, or gagging are not all about hairballs. These are the symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored as they may indicate serious health problems such as gastrointestinal disease, skin disease or a variety of other issues. It’s always worth consulting the vet.

Not treating your indoor cat for parasites

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

Many cat owners believe that indoor cats don’t get fleas and worms. Unfortunately, these nosy creatures and their eggs can find their way in easily due to their size, by getting stuck on your clothes or shoes. Mosquitoes expose your cat to potentially deadly heartworms. Make sure you use appropriate prevention medication.

Not microchipping

Cats run away, get kidnapped, or simply get lost. Unlike the collar, a microchip is the most reliable yet affordable way to help people identify your pet and get in touch with you when it is found.

Yelling at your cat

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Getting angry and punishing your cat will only make them scared and won’t contribute to their training. This attitude may also ruin your relationship and result in worse behaviour. Instead of turning on your cutie, reward them each time they do well. It will create a positive reinforcement effect and help you bond.

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