How to befriend your pet?

Does your pet love the other members of the family more than you? Here are a few tips and tricks you can try with your pets!

Relationships between animal and man are very similar to human relationships—that is, they require time to grow and flourish. You need to spend time with them and make them comfortable enough so they can bond with you. With humans, it is easier to bond. You can send them cards, chocolates or flowers, and they would recognise that as affectionate gestures.

On the other hand, for your pets, it’s different. Since pets cannot read and chocolates are a no-go for them, it becomes difficult to show affection. Luckily, we have a list of few ways that you can try to befriend your pets and strengthen your relationship with them. After all, they are supposed to be your best friends.


The best way to befriend anyone is to find an activity you both like and do it together and, the same goes for our pets. Play a bunch of games with them and interact with them regularly. Make them habitual of your playtime and you two will be inseparable!

Praises go a long way

Who doesn’t like appreciation? Everyone does! Praise your pets when you see positive behaviour. Positive reinforcement has proven to work wonders and it will do just the trick for you. Keep a few snacks in your hand while you train them and show appreciation for their good deeds. You’d become their favourite person, sooner than you think.

Patience is the virtue

And in the case of your pets, quite literally. You need to be patient while dealing with them and give them some time to get comfortable with you. It doesn’t happen overnight and you have to give them their space. Don’t force your gestures or games on them. They will come to you when they want to. Stay calm!


Notice their actions and reactions to things carefully and learn more about them. You could think they like doing a particular activity, whereas they may totally not enjoy it or feel forced. Every pet has its own body language through which they show what they like or dislike. Be on a watch out for such gestures.


The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Feed tasty and healthy treats to your pets. Animals love when they get a good nutritious meal. This is an excellent way of befriending them.

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