Here’s why your cat crawls into bed with you at night

You know it well: your cat crawls into bed with you night after night purring away and takes up all the room. But why exactly do they do that? And how does their presence in bed with you affect you getting a good night’s sleep?

Watching what cats do at night is quite interesting. But why does your cat like getting into bed with you every night when you want to go to sleep and sprawl? It turns out there is a good reason for your little feline friend wanting to sleep with you.

Cats love your bed

You’re lying in bed, about to drift off into dreamland, when suddenly something soft and cuddly brushes up next to you. That’s right, your cat has once again decided to crawl into bed with you and is now lying next to you purring away.

A heart-warming picture. But it’s almost impossible to kick them out of bed and send them to go sleep somewhere else when they do this. So, why do these little felines like to be in bed with their owners so much?

It's impossible to have bad dreams when you're with your furry companion! Getty Images

You calm them down!

The first reason is very simple as The Cat Society reports. Your bed is soft, and your body emits heat. Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep in such a warm and cosy space?

Another reason is that being close to you physically is calming for them. Your cat is very calm if they’re allowed to fall asleep next to you. Incidentally, this also applies the other way around and people feel less stressed and nervous when their little feline friend is lying next to them.

Check out our video above to see how cute sleeping cats are and to find out more about what makes your cat want to get into bed with you!

Here’s why you should be sleeping with your cat at night Here’s why you should be sleeping with your cat at night