What Does Your Eye Colour Say About You?
What Does Your Eye Colour Say About You?
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What Does Your Eye Colour Say About You?

The eyes are probably the most important part of the face. They reflect our emotions, our states of mind, our state of health and many other things that could now be explained through a study that link the colour of the iris with our personality. Do you recognise your personality?

‘The eye is the only visible part of the brain’

The eye is neurologically linked to the brain.’ These are Dr Anthony Fallone’s words, from the University of Edinburgh. They are the only visible part of the brain, and their colour is not without meaning. In fact, the genes responsible for the colour of the irises are linked to the ones that affect the frontal lobe of your brain. In other words, your eyes are not blue, hazel or green just by chance.

Brown eyes

Considered as boring for some, they are anything but! The bearers of brown eyes are natural leaders who know how to assert themselves. Besides, the darker they are, the quicker their brain is when it comes to completing tasks.

Blue eyes

If you thought they only reflected honesty and innocence think again. People with blue eyes have a sharp mind and great physical strength.

Grey eyes

This eye colour is both rare and quite interesting. People with light grey eyes are very reserved and can sometimes seem haughty. But if you penetrate this shell, they are extremely gentle and loyal. As for dark grey eyes, they appreciate honesty and will never hesitate to be frank with you.

Green eyes

This is the rarest colour and therefore others perceive these people as mysterious beings and a little bit apart from the rest. The advantage is that they are the perfect combination of blue and brown-eyed people and they possess creativity, leadership and inner strength. Pretty classy!

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