Woman creates 30 Instagram accounts to get ex-boyfriend jailed

An ex-girlfriend created 30 fake Instagram accounts and sent herself threatening messages to accuse her ex-boyfriend of assaulting and harassing her.

A jilted ex-girlfriend is in jail today after creating 30 fake Instagram profiles in an attempt to blame her ex-boyfriend for stalking. 22-year-old Louis Jolly and 20-year-old Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth had been together for two years before they split in October 2019. According to the couple, the split was amicable and they parted ways on good terms. However, what followed after the break up painted a different story.

Ainsworth had accused Jolly of harassing and threatening to stab her, which led to an investigation against him that lasted for four months. He became suicidal during the investigation. He was arrested six times as a result of her ten police testimonies, and he spent 81 hours in police custody.

The ugly side of love

Ainsworth made Jolly’s life a living hell. He was charged with assault and stalking and had a stalking protection order issued against him. He was released on a home curfew with an electronic tag and even lost his job. After they split up, Ainsworth told cops Jolly hounded her with vile messages and sent her threats that warned her,

She is getting a f***ing blade in her chest.

All the spiteful lies and revenge motives came after Ainsworth started seeing new lover Declan Rice. Prosecutor Paul Blasbery said she called the police many times between July 15 and December 13, 2020. She provided images of texts and the identities of Instagram accounts she said were from Jolly. Ainsworth even accused him of breaking his daily electronic home curfew, which ran from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Justice prevails

When authorities obtained the data from Facebook, they discovered that at least 17 Instagram accounts had been made using two of Ainsworth's email addresses and IP addresses associated with her house and cell phone. Jolly maintained his innocence throughout the police questioning, and when she ultimately confessed, the charges were withdrawn. In a victim impact statement, he confessed

At my lowest point, I felt like life wasn't worth living and thought to myself that I'd be better off dead.

All of Ainsworth’s claims were false and that they had a completely devastating effect on the victim. Recorder Ian Harris told Ainsworth as she sobbed in the dock,

You created an entirely fictional but superficially credible web of poisonous deceit for over five months.

Ainsworth, of Runcorn, Cheshire, is now sentenced to ten months in prison for perverting the course of justice at Liverpool Crown Court. She was also given a restraining order for ten years.

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