Why You Should Never Put This Object In Your Dishwasher

We all know that dishwashers are an extremely useful household appliance. Let's face it, it's much faster and easier than hand washing all the dishes especially after a large family dinner. But did you know that not all silverware should go into the dishwasher? Watch our video to learn more!

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There are lots of household appliances available nowadays that have made our day-to-day lives so much easier and for some, it's almost impossible to imagine our lives without them. Be they microwaves, radiators for those pesky, cold, winter nights or even the kettle for making a good brew, we tend to take most things for granted nowadays.

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Doing the dishes is a chore that nobody particularly likes doing and many households tend to have arguments about this quite often. As a result, dishwashers are one such appliance that, for those who have them, really can be lifesavers and godsends.

They can make life after having to prepare a large meal so much easier and also help to prevent arguments and rows about whose turn it is to do the dishes. But you should be aware that not everything in your kitchen can go in the dishwasher...

One thing you should never put in the dishwasher are your knives because the protective layer that covers the metal and the blade can get damaged and end up going rusty. Instead, try to prolong the lifespan of your knives by washing them the old-fashioned way, with a little soap, water and elbow grease.

Check out the video above for all the information! It's also worth knowing that doing the dishes has been said to be as useful and good for you as meditation!

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