Vladimir Putin's right-hand man Ramzan Kadyrov hires his own teenage son as head of security

After rumours of poisoning and reports of his alleged death, Ramzan Kadyrov strikes back and takes care of the future of his special army. His 15-year-old son is said to stand for this.

Vladimir Putin Ramzan Kadyrov Russia security threat
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Vladimir Putin Ramzan Kadyrov Russia security threat

After rumours of an alleged poisoning, Ramzan Kadyrov only trusts his own family. And he has plenty to choose from. Even if nothing is officially known, Putin's bloodhound is said to have several wives and at least 14 children, some of whom have also gone to war in Ukraine.

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One of his children now has a very special task.

His son Adam becomes the new head of security

Kadyrov's 15-year-old son Adam was officially presented as the new head of security by Samid Chalayev, the commander of Kadyrov's special army. Ramzan Kadyrov also began as his father's deputy head of security.

The continued existence of the Akhmat special army is all the more important as Russia's army continues to shrink. The appointment of the next generation of a Kadyrov should also make it clear that the leadership of Chechnya should remain in their hands.

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He has already received several awards

This is not the first time that the teenager has made an appearance. Adam Kadyrov first attracted attention when a video was published in which he beat up a Russian prisoner who had allegedly burned a Koran.

For this, he was awarded the title 'Hero of Chechnya'. He is also said to have already received several medals. It looks as if Ramzan Kadyrov is slowly preparing his succession.

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