Trump's Visit To Georgia Sparks Controversy

During the prestigious National Championship Game, held in Atlanta, Georgia, Donald Trump was booed by the fans. A worrying situation for the US president, who has been accused of not knowing their national anthem.

The Details

Attending the match, which was played in the bible belt state of Georgia, the president of the United States was booed by the fans. This state was one that he had won the votes of during the 2016 presidential election.

1. A mixed reception: On 8th January 2018, Donald Trump received a mixed reception from the supporters at the National Football (American) Championship, in a state well-known for being 'pro-Trump'. Thousands of fans booed the President while others applauded him as he returned to the field to sing the national anthem. Some fans had to wait for hours in the cold, stuck outside the stadium as it was blocked off for his arrival.

2. How well he knows the national anthem: During the national anthem, many viewers and social media users, were stunned to realise that Trump himself, seemed to stumble up on both the lyrics and the tune of the anthem. One Twitter user said 'Trump didn't even know the lyrics' and another 'I don't think Trump knows the lyrics of the national anthem'. The situation is described as disturbing by the White House since the state where the game was being played is usually pro-Trump and it's inhabitants should never have had this behaviour. This begs the question, is his strong support in the southern states all that it seems?

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