Jacob Blake: Yet Another Police Blunder Sparks Black Lives Matter Protests (VIDEO)

A 29-year-old African American father named Jacob Blake is currently fighting for his life. The man was shot in the back seven times, and at close range, by a police officer as he was getting into his car, unarmed.

Is this yet another instance of police brutality? In the state of Wisconsin, a 29-year-old African American man named Jacob Blake was shot in the back at point-blank range. The police officer shot him seven times as the man was entering his vehicle. He was not carrying a weapon.

Jacob Blake was rushed to a Milwaukee hospital in serious condition. He is currently fighting to stay alive. All the American police officers who were at the scene were placed on "administrative leave" and the state of Wisconsin launched a criminal investigation on Monday, August 24th.

In an effort to appease tensions, Kenosha police issued a statement asking that we wait for the results of the investigation and for "all the facts to be known."

The appalling shooting, which was filmed and posted on social media before it went viral, is painfully reminiscent of the gruesome murder of George Floyd that sparked Black Lives Matter protests worldwide.

At this time, the circumstances of the altercation between Jacob Blake and the police are unclear. In the video, the African American man is seen unarmed, walking to his car. Several policemen can be seen following him, then one of them shoots him in the back.


Obviously, Americans were quick to react on social networks and in the streets. In the town of Kenosha, Wisconsin, as well as in New York and Los Angeles, many citizens took to the streets chanting No justice, no peace!

Just when we think we might see some serious change, something like this happens to reignite the tensions and fuels the peoples want for action.

Who Is Jacob Blake, The Black Man Gunned Down By American Police? Who Is Jacob Blake, The Black Man Gunned Down By American Police?