Man boarding plane caught on hidden camera intentionally coughing in airline employee's face

The entire world is on alert as a result of the coronavirus and no measure is too small when it comes to avoiding those who are infected. However, a video has surfaced online of one man who went to the other extreme - he was caught trying to infect an employee at the airport.

Man boarding plane caught on hidden camera intentionally coughing in airline employee's face
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Originating from China, the number of cases of COVID-19 across the globe has sharply risen, causing governments to put extreme measures in place.

Due to the high level of contamination and the number of people who have been tested positive for the virus, it is now essential that every health rule and guideline is respected so that we can all do our part to stop the pandemic.

However, and although a large part of the world seems to be following these measures exceptionally well, there are always cases of disrespectful people who strive to cause misfortune and misery for others.

And this is the case of a man who was recently filmed in El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, Colombia, who was caught trying to infect one the airline employees with the coronavirus.

The video, shared on Twitter by a user named @osorioesteban, was filmed by a hidden camera located below the employee and caught the man in question red-handed.

Know what happened? Well, when he was about to board the plane, he removed the face mask he was wearing… and coughed in the poor woman’s face!

The man then continued walking towards the plane, even when someone shouted at him to stop. For now, we aren’t sure whether the passenger was actually infected with the coronavirus or not and so whether he actually did put the lives of everyone else at risk.

According to media sources, after the publication of the brief 23-second long video that has shared over thousands of times already, various containment protocols have since been put into place so as not to endanger the passengers and airline employees.