The Stones are rolling out a new album for the first time in 18 years, find out more

The Rolling Stones have announced they will release a new album! Find out more on their livestream 6 September.

Rolling Stones announce new album for first time in 18 years, find out more here
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Rolling Stones announce new album for first time in 18 years, find out more here

On the 4 September, the Rolling Stones announced some news that got fans very excited: they will be releasing new music. This fresh album will be the first studio album with original songs that the band has released in 18 years. Their last was A Bigger Bang, released in 2005.

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Mick Jagger (80), Ronnie Wood (76) and Keith Richards (79) have announced that there will be a Youtube livestream from Hackney on 6 September, where they will be interviewed by US host Jimmy Fallon. The album is fittingly entitled Hackney Diamonds and it will be the first that the band produces music without Stones veteran Charlie Watts, who passed away in 2021.

Hints a new Stones album was underway

The band has been leaving a trail of breadcrumbs since the end of August. They placed an advertisement under a false name in London's Hackney Gazette newspaper. The ad was for a company called Hackney Diamonds, ‘specialists in glass repair, opening September 2023’. In the text, there were cheeky references to some of their most famous hits:

Our friendly team promises you satisfaction. When you say gimme shelter we’ll fix your shattered windows.

And now fans have their confirmation: they’ll have to look for a window repair elsewhere!

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Where and when to catch the livestream

Fans can already listen to a snippet of one new song from the legendary group, called ‘Don't Get Angry With Me’. This can be found on the website, which purposefully shows an error message when attempting to load the song. As you might imagine, fans have taken to social media to express their frustration. The band have comedically responded with the likes of ‘sorry, don’t be angry with me’.

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The livestream was announced in a similarly stylish way: there’s a 1-minute clip where Fallon is listening to the Stones on vinyl when he receives a call from a phone featuring their iconic lips-and-tongue logo. He dusts it off, answers, and the mumbled voice of one of the rockers informs him about the upcoming livestream event.

The livestream will be at 2:30 BST on the Stones Youtube Channel. Make sure to be there to find out more about this dramatic announcement!

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