Russian TV host rages against German Foreign Minister: ‘Berlin will burn!’

Putin ally Vladimir Solovyov has attacked the German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and issued a fresh threat.

Russian TV host Vladimir Solovyov German Foreign Minister 'Berlin will burn!’
Russian TV host Vladimir Solovyov German Foreign Minister 'Berlin will burn!’

Vladimir Solovyov is known as a very vocal supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He never shies away from a reason to shout about Russia’s superior force compared to other countries, especially those who support Ukraine. Indeed, he recently threatened NATO with nuclear attacks, stating that 'we're going to say goodbye to all these countries'.

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The Russia-1 host’s focus has often been on Germany, given the country’s continued support of Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in February 2022. On Monday, a video of his blistering tirade against German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock was posted on X. Here’s why Solovyov launched this verbal attack, and exactly what he threatened Russia would do.

Why Solovyov launched this verbal attack

This diatribe came after Baerbock announced on Monday that Germany would increase the aid it is giving to Ukraine this winter. Baerbock said at a Brussels summit:

We will not only continue our support for Ukraine, we will continue to expand and increase it, especially on the part of the Federal Republic of Germany, not only with a view to the winter defense for the coming weeks and months, when it is clear that the Russian president will once again exploit the needs of the people in the cold winter.

Solovyov reacted in response to this promise.

What Solovyov threatened

The video was posted on X by Anton Gerashchenko and as per this translation, Solovyov called Baerbock a ‘German idiot’:

You'll see how, due to your corrupt stupidity, Annalena Baerbock, Berlin will burn and there will be a Victory Banner over the Reichstag [legislative building]!

Then he got even more personal, bringing the German Foreign Minister’s family into his rant:

Because you are a dumb broad trying to avenge your grandmother's husband, but not your grandfather, who fought against Soviet soldiers in Koenigsberg. Well, you stupid idiot, it's Kaliningrad now.

He told Baerbock to ‘grow a mustache’ and asked her:

Who gave you the right to plunge the German people into this terrible fire of war?

This was a vicious rant, and it certainly won’t be the last from the zealous Kremlin mouthpiece as Russia continues its war against Ukraine.

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