Rumours about Putin's death emerge as Russian officials reportedly row over his replacement

Russia is allegedly preparing for the Russian President’s death.

Russian President Vladimir Putin death body double row over replacement
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Russian President Vladimir Putin death body double row over replacement

Vladimir Putin’s health has been the source of a lot of speculation throughout Russia's war against Ukraine. There have been reports on his hands as well as a red spot on his forehead, and rumours that he is using a body double emerge regularly.

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As Putin threatens nuclear testing, a new report about his health has been issued by a Russian Telegram channel. The General SVR channel has gone so far as to claim that the Russian President’s death is ‘imminent’ after a ‘sharp deterioration in his health’. There is also, once again, speculation over the use of a body double - but also over Russian officials disagreeing over how best to go about controlling these lookalikes.

The Telegram channel’s post

The post stated that ‘attending doctors’ predicted Putin would not live for much longer. The Russian President has lived a life that is undoubtedly taking its toll on the 71-year-old, having grown up in poverty and worked as a KGB spy before serving as either Prime Minister or President of Russia for over two decades.

The post continued:

In the inner circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a fuss began with an attempt to create a consensus around the idea of the continuation of the existence of the Putin regime after Putin.

Rows over Putin’s body double

The post, without offering any source or proof, goes on to state that there are rows amongst Russian officials over who would control Putin’s body double after he 'took over' as the Russian President:

Almost all interested parties are ready to rally around a double who can be controlled.‌
The only problem is who will control the double, and this requires mutual trust, which simply does not exist.

Putin is yet to publicly voice his opinion on who should replace him:

Putin himself refused to leave any instructions or covenants on what to do after him, preferring to withdraw into himself, and perhaps deciding that the chaos after him is the best legacy.

Historically, if Putin dies in office - and is not replaced by a body double - he would be replaced by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin who would become acting President for a 3-month period.

Rumours around Putin’s health will continue to circulate but no official announcement has been made by Russia yet to confirm who his replacement would be:

Be that as it may, the end will come very soon. Power in Russia in a crisis situation traditionally goes to the one who turns out to be the most daring.

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