Paranoid Putin has breakfast tested as part of his strange daily routine

The Russian President known for his invasion of Ukraine in February 2021 is not just a military mastermind. Each day of his life is carefully crafted.

Vladimir Putin Russia Daily Routine
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Vladimir Putin Russia Daily Routine

From what we know about Vladimir Putin, the Russian President is organised, calculated and careful. This applies of course to how he runs his country. Communication on the Ukraine War is closely monitored and everything must follow a plan of action that Putin has crafted.

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But how does Putin come up with all his strategies? Of course years as a spy in the KGB must have helped but it has now come to the surface that Putin’s daily routine plays a big role in how he rules the country.

Everything has its place and time…

Putin doesn’t believe in waking up early

While most people think that every successful person needs to wake up early, Putin doesn’t subscribe to that way of thinking.

According to Ben Judah, a French-Belgian author, Putin’s routine consists of lying in for hours and refusing to deal with any business before he has had a morning swim.

To add on to his weird sleeping habits, it was reported by Mirror earlier in 2023, that since the beginning of the Ukrainian war Putin prefers to sleep close to his, if not in, his office.

His spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained:

He uses this apartment as his work schedule is busy.

Putin need to be informed even though he will not work

Circling back to his morning swims, it is important to understand that these moments aren’t just for pleasure or fitness. No. During swims and workout, it is reported that Putin strategizes. After all, working out is known for clearing the head.

Sometimes, Putin follows his two-hour swim with a gym workout where it is mandatory for the news to be on. However, it isn’t really news. Indeed, Ben Judah specifies that Putin has on ‘Russian TV projecting Kremlin propaganda blares in the background.’

In 2014, Judah wrote:

He is obsessed with information. The thickest, fattest folders at his request are not intelligence reports: they are press clippings.
His hands first open the Russian press digest. The most important papers come at the front: the obsequious national tabloids. These matter most, with their millions of readers.

Even though the TV is on with the news, aides know better than to think that this means that Putin is working. Indeed, they know they need to be waiting for Putin to be fully done with his workouts before going in with business.

Putin’s bizarre diet

In order to fuel both his workouts and his long days leading a country into war, Putin relies on a very specific diet.

According to Pravda, a Russian newspaper, his diet is filled with ‘super healthy’ food including ‘tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce’. Moreover, Judah reports in one of his books that Putin likes to have ‘quail's eggs washed down with fresh juice and a slurp of coffee’ for breakfast.

Judah also reveals that being paranoid and aware that he is not a very popular man, Putin has a food taster with him. This person eats the food before he does just in case someone puts poison in.

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