Putin’s life could be ‘much shorter’ after alleged cardiac arrest and his death may spark a ‘coup’, experts warn

If the Russian President has suffered cardiac arrest, his death could be sooner than expected, and lead to major complications for Russia…

Vladimir Putin Russian President cardiac arrest death coup
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Vladimir Putin Russian President cardiac arrest death coup

The rumour mill has been churning out reports of Putin’s ill health this week following a particularly dramatic announcement from a Russian Telegram channel. General SVR, a channel that claims to have insider information from Kremlin officials, has claimed that Putin suffered a cardiac arrest at his home on Sunday 22 October. The channel has since doubled down on these claims, stating that the Russian President is now lying in an ‘intensive care ward. The Kremlin has firmly rejected these reports.

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However, if the 71-year-old has had a cardiac arrest, he is expected to live a ‘much shorter’ life. Dr Naheed Ali told the Daily Star that, at his age, that kind of health issue is likely to cause ‘complications’ that will lead to an earlier death. Meanwhile, a top Kyiv official has stated that Putin’s passing will trigger a ‘coup’ in Russia, causing Russian elites to ‘start killing each other’ and helping Ukraine achieve victory faster.

Putin’s ‘much shorter’ life expectancy

Dr Ali explains just how serious the Russian President’s condition could be:

Given Vladimir Putin’s reported episode, if authentic, the severity cannot be underscored enough. A cardiac arrest isn’t a fleeting chest pain – it’s the heart’s desperate cry for immediate medical intervention.

He emphasises how having ‘one of the most stressful leadership roles globally’ adds to the problem:

The tumultuous and rigorous nature of his position, marred by international conflicts, domestic pressures, and diplomatic challenges, could undoubtedly cast a heavy toll.

Dr Ali explains that the combination of stress and sleep deprivation could lead Putin to an early grave. However, he also warns:

It’s crucial to recognise the limitations of our knowledge. Without concrete medical records or a direct evaluation by healthcare professionals, speculations remain just that – conjectures.

Indeed, the Kremlin has stated that ‘everything is fine’ with Putin, and we are yet to see any proof of his alleged cardiac arrest.

Kyiv official says Putin’s death would spark a ‘coup’

Meanwhile, the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine reportedly said that Putin’s death, whenever it may happen, would accelerate Ukraine’s victory in its war with Russia. Mykhailo Podolyak was quoted by the Eastern European news outlet NEXTA:

[Putin’s death] will trigger certain coup processes in Russia: elites will start killing each other in the struggle for power.

This comes amid claims that Putin has been using a body double to cover up his health issues. Most recently, his trip to China had people questioning whether the Russian President really went himself or sent a doppelganger. Dmitry Peskov, the same official Kremlin spokesman who rejected the cardiac arrest claims, also told Russian journalists that the body double rumours were a ‘complete hoax’.

As discussions continue around Putin’s health, we await confirmation or proof of these spiraling rumours.

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Putin’s alleged ‘cardiac arrest’: here’s everything we know so far about the claims Putin’s alleged ‘cardiac arrest’: here’s everything we know so far about the claims