Public Apology

After the publication of a deceitful article, please find here the public apology.

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Dear reader,

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This letter is intended to formally apologize for reporting fake news about Prince William and Kate’s marital status on Tuesday, 17th of May.

We understand the implications and the trust we abused with posting such an article. The article has been taken down from all our websites and RSS Feeds, the moment we were notified about the mistake.

First, we would like to apologize to Kate and Prince William for publishing a false article about their private life. The couple is currently under enormous media coverage, and publishing an article with baseless allegations fuels the stress they are already facing.

Second, we apologize to our various partners but in particular MSN since they have trusted us with their platform by tweeting our article. We understand that this penalizes their credibility and image.

Lastly, we apologize to all our readers, that put their trust every day in the reliability of our information and sources.

We hope by showing how serious we take the matter at hand, we can regain your trust.

We have always been very concerned about our editorial sources, this is a sole and regretful event, we are reinforcing our fact checking process to prevent this from happening again.

We’ve always been convinced by the implications words have and the power they hold, we sincerely regret what happened.

Yours sincerely,

The editorial team of

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