These Guys Found a Brilliant Solution to Get Around a Public Drinking Ban

Alcohol control zones in public places are common place in the UK and seem to work effectively in stopping people being completely drunk in public. In New Zealand however, a group of drinkers managed to find a loophole in the law.

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New Year's Eve goes hand in hand with alcohol. In New Zealand, there are certain laws there that tend to put a damper on the party. Namely, the fact that it's illegal to drink alcohol openly in public. Crazy right? (sorry, America)

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This didn’t stop a group of young partygoers though; instead, they found a way to bring in the New Year with a few beers by the sea.

Whilst the tide was out, they managed to build themselves an artificial island so that when the tide came back in, they would be afloat in the ocean. This consequently meant that they were away from the land where they were bound by the law. The small island could fit a small picnic table where the group of friends could drink without being bothered by the police.

Although the idea wasn’t exactly all legal, the police did not deem it necessary to intervene. In fact, the local police commander, Inspector John Kelly branded the idea as ‘creative’ in an interview with the BBC and said he ‘probably would have joined them’. Well played!

Check out the video above to see more of this wacky plan for yourself!

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