Nando's releases ‘hottest merch drop yet': Clothes that change colour with your body temperature

Nando’s released a new line of clothes designed using thermochromic tech. The garments will change colour as you wear them, in line with the heat levels it offers in its restaurants.

Nando’s launches a new line of clothes that changes colour as you wear it
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Nando’s launches a new line of clothes that changes colour as you wear it

Fancy wearing your favourite Nando’s flavours? No problem. You can do that with the Peri-Peri chain’s limited edition clothing collection that just dropped on the company's website. But Nando’s wouldn’t be who they are if they didn’t sprinkle some spice on it. The garments will ‘heat up’ on you and change colour in line with your body temperature.

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‘Hottest merch drop yet’

The new line will include long and short-sleeved t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, socks and bucket hats, and is described by the brand as its ‘hottest merch drop yet’. Literally.

The creators of Nando’s very own five-piece capsule collection used thermochromic tech to design pieces that will change colour as you touch and interact with them. If you ‘heat up’, they’ll give you away by shifting colour.

The clothing is available in five different ‘heat level’ colourways – Plainish, Lemon & Herb, Medium, Hot, and Extra Hot.

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‘1990s nostalgia of hypercolour fashion’

The clothing line taps into Nando's iconic ‘PERi-ometer heat chart’ in a bid to revive ‘1990s nostalgia of hyper-colour fashion.’

It also inspires a competitive spirit, with its designers hoping the colour-changing mechanism will challenge fans to experiment with different spice levels, Independent writes.

A statement announcing the new drop said:

Nando’s is nothing without heat. Whether enjoying Extra Hot PERi-PERi chicken or dancing in a festival crowd, each piece in the collection will reveal a distinct new colourway as the temperature changes.

Have you copped our heat-reactive merch yet? You bring the heat and we'll bring the sauce. 🔥 Get yours now 👉

Posted by Nando's on Thursday, September 1, 2022

Splashed on promotion

The restaurant chain brought together leading TikTok and YouTube stars for the extra spicy launch of the new collection.

The Extra Hot Drop Lookbook features viral artist Niko B, comedian Jack Joseph, Sidemen’s Tobi (aka TBJZL), model Madeline Argy and radio presenter Tara Kumar sporting their flavoursome style.

The hottest drop of the year is finally here 🥵. Get yours now ➡️

Posted by Nando's on Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Fast food fashion

Nando’s is not the first restaurant brand to jump on the fast food fashion wagon.

High street bakery Greggshas done it twice before by teaming up with clothing retailer Primark.

The new collection is available to purchase online here.

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